Who’s Responsible For The Lost Phone?

A missing iPhone and tensions are high…

Hey Cruise,

My kid had a sleepover recently with 8 friends. I say kids, but they were all 12 and 13 years old and spent most of the night on their phones. They were out wandering around, hanging out in the basement and doing what most teens and pre-teens do these days, staring at their phones.

All was well and good until one of them went home without their phone. We couldn’t find it anywhere, we tore the house apart and it was nowhere to be found. Now the parents are saying that we’re responsible and owe them a new phone! My wife wants to keep the peace and maybe offer to pay half, while I am standing firm that it’s the kids responsibility and we’re not paying a cent. These people are our neighbors and it’s caused quite a bit of tension.

What do you think? Should just just bite the bullet to keep the peace and get a new phone?

Personally, I don’t think you’re responsible at all. The kids are at an age where they have to take onus for their belongings. If it were my kid they’d be responsible for replacing it. As for the parents I’m sure it’s a hard pill to swallow losing something so expensive. I wonder if they’ve tried, find my iPhone or one the the features that helps you locate it.


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