Which Sydney?

Sydney Australia OR Sydney Cape breton?

An 18 year old Dutch teenager named Milan Schipper thought he booked a flight to Sydney Australia… little did he know, there are 2 Sydney’s in the world. He was looking at flights from Amsterdam to Sydney when he found one ticket that was almost $300 cheaper than the rest. Schipper was planning on spending some time in Australia before starting college — backpacking along the lush coastal landscapes, and maybe working a little. But instead he ended up in an airport on Canada’s East Coast right before a blizzard was scheduled to hit. He first realized something wasn’t quite right when he landed in Toronto for a stopover and caught a glimpse of the Air Canada plane that would take him to his final destination. The plane was really small and he wondered if a plane that size could make it to Australia (LOL!). But he boarded it anyway. Then he saw the map on the screen on the seat in front of him and he finally realized where he was going. He says he felt terrible and swore in his head for about 10 minutes, and the worst part was that he knew there was nothing he could do because he was already up in the air. He landed in snow-covered Sydney, N.S., with a blizzard on the horizon, sporting nothing but a t-shirt, sweatpants and a thin jacket. He found some airport employees and explained the situation. They booked a flight straight back to Toronto, and from there he flew back home to Amsterdam. Believe it or not, he wasn’t the only one who confused the two Sydney’s… there was also a U.S. woman on the same flight as him who made the same error! HA! And they aren’t the only 2 people to make the mistake – in 2002 two British teenagers ended up in Sydney, N.S., while trying to visit the land down under, as did an Argentine tourist in 2008, a Dutch man and his grandson in 2009 and an Italian couple in 2010.

YIKES! This is too funny. I guess some people need to pay closer attention when booking a flight! LOL!

~Dana ‘Cape Breton By’ Thompson

Photo Credit: www.google.com/maps

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