Want Your Guests To Stick Around Your Party Longer? Here’s Some Tips.

According to a new survey, when you throw a party, you have 20 minutes or less to impress someone or they’re going to leave.  We’re all so lucky to have such good friends.

So if you want to throw a good party that actually makes people want to STAY, here’s what you need to do.  The survey found the eight key elements of throwing a good party . . . check ’em out.


1.  Offer someone a drink in under eight minutes.

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2.  Talk to your guests within eight minutes of them getting there.

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3.  Offer someone a snack in less than 10 minutes.

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4.  Offer a drink refill within 20 minutes.

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5.  Don’t talk about politics or money.

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6.  Talk about TV shows, movies, or food.

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7.  Don’t ask people to take their shoes off.

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8.  And make sure the party will look good in Instagram photos.

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(New York Post)

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