The Trump Chicken Is Baaack… HolyCluck!


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s an Trump Chicken?


Back in April the so-called “Trump Chicken” became a mascot during the Tax March, another one has appeared.


Now the inflatable poultry with a Trump-like hairdo is back, popping up yesterday in the park just behind the White House.


One news station even had a Facebook Live of the chicken shot.


Taran Singh Brar claimed responsibility for the chicken display. He says that Trump is “too chicken” to release his tax returns and stand up to Russian president Vladimir Putin.


He spent $1,300 on his visual Trump Hair Chicken protest. Too bad Trump is still in New Jersey, missing out on all the D.C. Fun.


I know at least two countries where this bumper sticker would apply: “Our leader is crazier than your leader”






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