Things That Make Us Swear In Traffic

Here’s how bad our road rage is:  A recent poll found that for every 160 km’s you drive, you swear 41 times.

That’s about once every 4 km’s.  But 46% of us still don’t think we curse too much behind the wheel.  Here are the top ten things that make us swear while we’re driving . . .



1.  Someone cuts you off.


2.  Almost getting hit by someone changing lanes.


3.  Seeing someone texting and driving.


4.  Drivers who don’t use their turn signals.


5.  A pedestrian stepping into the road without looking.


6.  Drivers who won’t turn off their brights.


7.  Someone driving too slowly in front of you.


8.  Someone taking up two spaces in a parking lot.


9.  Drivers who don’t wave to say thanks when you let them in.


10.  People who drive slowly in the fast lane and won’t move over.


Bonus: When you’re driving down a side street in Halifax and you can barely squeeze between 2 parked cars.




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