Ryan Sims On This Week’s Hot Discovery

Is Ryan Sims the male Taylor Swift? 

The question catches the blazingly talented singer/songwriter by surprise — for just a second. Then he laughs. Uproariously.

Of course it’s a crazy thing to ask. Yet there is a connection. They both write songs that draw from their real lives. They share their pleasures and disappointments through lyrics that would be uncomfortably candid if not crafted so poetically and set to tunes that invite listeners so easily into their hearts.

And more often than not, for both artists that means drawing from relationships they’ve weathered. In fact, most of Sims’ brand new EP, My Side Of The Story, springs directly from a particular love gone bad. There’s no glitz or guile here, just rough-edged, hard-hitting songs, fed by a volatile blend of pain and ecstasy, anger and regret.

Here’s my full chat along with two acoustic tunes from Ryan’s visit to the Hot Studio.

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