“The Price Is Right” ‘Big Wheel’ Blew Up!

It made everyone a winner last Friday to the sum of $80,000.00!


Usually, if you get to exactly $1.00 during your turn without going over, you get a $1,000 bonus. It happens from time to time.


Well, on Friday Drew Carey announced that to celebrate his 10th anniversary as host, they were upping the bonus to 10,000. Then, all three contestants did it! That’s extremely rare. At that point, the show had coughed up $30,000 but it didn’t end there.


Drew gave them all a bonus spin, and said anyone who landed on the ‘5’ or ’15’ would get another ten grand, but if you landed on the one dollar, you’d get $25,000. And two of the three contestants landed on the dollar, winning that jackpot meaning the show shelled out $80,000 on the wheel, which is a record of course.


The craziest thing happened on 'The Price is Right' wheel and everyone went nuts




Credits: http://ftw.usatoday.com

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