Pizza Wedding Cake Hits a Home Run


Pictures have surfaced from Tony Sanchez’s wedding. He plays for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Back in December he married the girl of his dreams, Jess Melara, in the cheesiest way possible (PUN INTENDED!)! The high school sweethearts, who tied the knot in Miami, decided to forget the traditional wedding cake and instead serve their guests a tiered pizza “cake”. Jess confirmed that her and Tony both love pizza A LOT (saaaaaaame!) and have never been huge fans of cake anyway, so they wanted to surprise their guests with pizza cake. She said the pizza was saucy and delicious – exactly what a pizza dream is made of! Since Tony plays in the majors, they had lots of baseball themed stuff at their wedding to top it all off! The drink napkins had baseball phrases like “Game over” and “Fits like a glove” printed on them. Everyone got a mini baseball bat key chain to take home, and for dessert everyone got a box of Cracker Jacks.

BEST WEDDING EVER! I love cake but I would SOOOO rather have a pizza cake at my wedding! This is such a fun idea! I AM OBSESSED WITH PIZZA! Excuse me, I must call my boyfriend and tell him that if and when we get married we are having pizza as our cake instead of actual cake! HA!


Dana ‘The Pizza Queen’ Thompson 🙂

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