Where NOT to go on a first date!

A website called Lovin.IE recently counted down the top 10 worst places to go on a first date. While some of them seem okay, some are definite no-go’s!

These date spots and ideas range anywhere from a weekend getaway, to the ol’ “Netflix and Chill”, and all include reasons as to why they aren’t suitable for first dates, although some (Netflix and Chill, for example) are pretty obvious! The one I can’t wrap my head around is #5 – I mean, who takes someone to a FITNESS CLASS for their first date? (Seriously, does that actually happen?)

Here’s a look at the full list:


  1. A fast-food casual restaurant
  2. Netflix and chill
  3. Your local pub
  4. A family gathering
  5. A fitness class
  6. Your own birthday dinner
  7. A wedding
  8. A big group night out
  9. An extravagant weekend getaway
  10. A loud bar or nightclub

So if you’re going on a first date and want to impress, it’s best to play it safe and go out to a quiet coffee shop or a nice restaurant!

You can check out the full list and reasons why you shouldn’t use them as a first date here: https://lovin.ie/entertainment/viral/these-are-officialy-the-10-worst-places-to-go-for-a-first-date


Photo credit: The Sun, LookHuman, Wikipedia

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