A New Study Found You Can Get Food Poisoning from Your Kitchen Towels

If you’ve ever had food poisoning, you probably blamed it on something you ate that day.  Maybe you even called up a restaurant and YELLED at them.  But according to new research, there’s an outside chance it was another culprit . . .

The American Society for Microbiology just had its annual meeting in Atlanta.  And one of the studies that was presented found it’s very possible to get food poisoning from your KITCHEN TOWELS.

Researchers looked at 100 towels after they’d been used for one month.  And half of them had a potentially dangerous level of bacteria on them.

The odds were even higher depending on different factors, like how many people used the towels.  And if they were used for drying hands AND dishes, that increased the amount of bacteria present.

One way to lower your risk is to wash your hands longer . . . at least 20 seconds with hot water.  That way there’s not as much leftover bacteria when you dry them off on a towel.  So less bacteria transfers TO the towel.

And the other obvious thing you can do is wash your kitchen towels more often.

In a new online survey, 70% of people CLAIMED they wash them at least once a week, which seems pretty high.  Only 8% admitted they normally go a month or more.



(USA Today / YouGov)

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