Man Brings A Camel Intro PetSmart

It’s not unusual to see dogs being led along the aisles of a pet store, but shoppers in one Michigan branch were instead confronted with a seven-foot camel.  Jeffrey, a 1,400-pound dromedary camel took a trip to PetSmart in Muskegon, with his owner Scott Lewis.  Scott, who raised Jeffrey at the nearby Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo, said he wanted to take his camel on a trip to get him used to traveling in a trailer.  Video footage shows Scott strolling straight through the automatic doors and into the shop with the seven-foot-tall camel.  Passersby stood gawping as the animal wandered down aisles and even greeted a young couple with a baby.  “Jeffrey really loved his little shopping expedition, he just adores meeting new people. He’s very social,” said Jenny Ferels, who took the video and works at Lewis Farms & Petting Zoo.  “We’ve had Jeffrey since he was a baby, he’s very gentle and sweet.  He’s a ham. We hold a birthday party for him every year, we hire a band and he gets to eat the first slice of cake, he gets icing all over his lips.”  PetSmart’s policy regulations include a list of animals owners are permitted bring into their stores – but camels are not on the list.  “Usually it’s just cats and dogs etc.,” said Jenny.  “But in the fine print there’s an option to make exceptions at the management’s discretion, so luckily they made an exception for our Jeffrey.”  Jeffrey is a dromedary camel, which originate in Arabia, and can live for up to 40 years.

Photo Credits: screenshot via YouTube


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