Jimmy Kimmel’s United Airlines Commercial


United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz has apologized for the “truly horrific” headline making incident in which security dragged a 69 year old doctor from an overbooked flight from Chicago to Louisville over the weekend. Munoz wants people to know that the airline takes full responsibility, and they will work to make it right. He promises they will do better. And he says a full review will get underway by the end of the month to fix what’s broken so this never happens again. CNN notes that this was the CEO’s third attempt to resolve the outrage that occurred after a now viral video emerged. However, prior to his apology, Oscar Munoz emailed all United employees on Monday assuring them that he stood behind the crew members’ actions.
Meanwhile, memes are popping up all over the internet with jokes on how flight attendants must train to work with United Airlines. Jimmy Kimmel put together this hilarious commercial last night and aired it on how show last night:

Accurate? I’d say so! What happened to that poor man on the flight is inexcusable. No one should EVER be treated that way ANYWHERE. Jeeeeeeeeez…

~Dana 🙂


Photo Credit: www.hollywoodlife.com


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