#HotCountrySkinny for May 14th, 2018

It doesn’t matter how famous you are, finding the right person can be tough.  Take DUSTIN LYNCH, for example.  He wants it to happen so badly that it hurts.  He even wrote a song about.


TRENT HARMON doesn’t want to be one of those “American Idol” champs who fades off into obscurity.  That’s easier said than done, but at least he came up with a solid plan that features hard work.

Quote, “There are 1,000 different paths you can take the night after you win a show like that.  It plucks you from virtual obscurity and puts you in the driver’s seat of a music career, but you have to pay for the gas.

“You have to put the time, money, effort and lack of sleep as far as taking off.   I wanted a longstanding career in radio.  So, I didn’t go do a tour after the show was over.  I started writing.”

Trent co-wrote eight of the 11 songs on his debut album “You Got ‘Em All”, which is out Friday.   Of course, he HAS to tour to promote that.  He’s on the road now with dates running into September.

KACEY MUSGRAVES did two songs from her “Golden Hour” album on “Saturday Night Live”.  The first one was “High Horse”, and she went with a “country disco” kind of thing.  The second song looked and felt real.  She did “Slow Burn” . . . and it really highlighted her singing and guitar playing


CARRIE UNDERWOOD had the exact type of Mother’s Day you might expect from someone with a three-year-old.  She posted a close-up photo of the T-shirt she was wearing . . . which read, “Don’t Mess with Mama.”



Someone asked JUSTIN MOORE if he has any superstitions about performing.  That led to him explaining why he’s a “weirdo” about shirts.

Quote, “I have OCD [so] I’ll put a shirt on for a meet-and-greet and I always change it before the show to another shirt.  And I may wear that shirt the next night at the show.  It’s not that I don’t like the shirt it’s just . . . I’m a weirdo.”


Phot Credits: Dustin Lynch Facebook

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