#HotCountrySkinny for January 31st

With a career that spans more than half a century, QUINCY JONES has been pretty much everywhere and done pretty much everything in the music industry.

Even if all you know about him is that he produced Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, that’s more than enough to qualify him as one of THE foremost authorities on the business. So when he says TAYLOR SWIFT SUCKS, well . . . maybe he knows what he’s talking about.  In a fascinating new profile in “GQ”, he was asked about Taylor . . . and he made it clear he’s not a fan. He said, quote, “We need more songs, man.  [Effing] songs, not hooks.”  When told that some people consider Taylor the “greatest songwriter of our age,” Quincy replied, quote, “Whatever crumbles your cookie.”

You can read the whole thing here.  It’s great.  He talks about growing up on the South Side of Chicago, partying with Sinatra, and his 22 girlfriends around the world.


This guy has LIVED.


How about some old CHRIS STAPLETON photos that he posted on Instagram back in 2013.  This was BEFORE the beard.  You can definitely tell it’s him, but wow does he look different.

Have Your Mind Blown with These Photos of Chris Stapleon Without His Beard



HILLARY SCOTT gave birth to twin girls on Monday.  No word yet on their names.  She announced it on the Lady Antebellum Instagram page.  Hillary and her husband Chris Tyrrell are now a family of five.  They also have a four-year-old daughter named Eisele.  (Pronounced Eyes-lee.) https://www.instagram.com/p/BejwnKSgJ5M/?utm_source=ig_embed


JENNIFER NETTLES says there was no big “come to Jesus” moment that made her and KRISTIAN BUSH want to restart SUGARLAND after a five-year hiatus.  Both of them knew it would happen when the time was right.





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