Here’s your cheeseBUG-er, I mean, burger!

While you’re all busy making your mummy cake pops, or even your “dirt and worms” pudding cups, a restaurant in Australia is taking creepy food to the next level.

Huxtaburger, a fast food joint in Australia, took to their Facebook page to announce their very own Halloween-themed food creation. This creation is called the Bugstaburger, and will be available at their Melbourne City Centre location for one day only: Tuesday, October 31st, of course.

I’m sure you’re all wondering what this creepy sounding burger consists of, and I’m sure you’ve got a couple guesses based on the name. According to the Facebook post, the Bugstaburger contains roasted mealworms, and is topped by ant mayonnaise (yes, you read that right). And to seal the deal, it’s also served on a blue bun.

I mean, these insects can be considered to be quite nutritious, and mealworms are even a delicacy in some parts of the world! They may not be that bad, once you get past the fact that you’re eating bugs. I could definitely stomach the blue bun, at least!

Would YOU try this burger? I think I’ll stick with the cute, non-buggy Halloween food!!!

Read more: https://upi.com/6658069       /    https://www.facebook.com/Huxtaburger/

(Photo credit: Facebook, YouTube)

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