It Got Snakey In The Valley!

Imagine getting your apples, bananas and cherries only to look down to find a snake in your cart!


The snake seemed unfazed, but some shoppers at a New Minas grocery store got a shock back last Saturday when they saw the reptile weaving throughout a cart in the produce aisle.


The man wheeling the cart was pretty freaked out. He let quite a scream when he saw it. The snake didn’t appear frightened or disturbed. It just kept winding around in the cart and stretching out. The snake wasn’t a poisonous stowaway from an exotic place.


Apparently it’s an average-size Maritime garter snake that can range from 40 centimetres to about one metre in length.


The Atlantic Superstore employees managed to wrangle the snake into a box but the snake escaped again — but staff managed to capture it a second time! The store’s deli manager released it in a field near her country home.


Grocery carts left outside are great protection for wildlife, especially snakes looking to stay out of the beaks of birds flying overhead.


“Snakes in A Grocery Cart” coming soon to the Valley Drive Inn – RATED “S” for Slithery… 😉



-Credits: cbc.ca



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