To Go Or Not To Go…What Would You Do?

An ultimatum in a relationship is never a good sign…

I have HUGE dilemma.
I have won an all inclusive paid trip to Cuba, through my work. It’s a pretty big deal & have been working towards this all year as it’s a huge achievement within the company.
My wife is due with our 3rd child on the 12th of June and the trip is from 2nd-7th May.
She can’t make it due to pregnancy.
I work so hard to provide everything our family needs. I come straight home everyday to look after the boys, which I love doing. I have pretty much given up all social life & haven’t had a round of golf in I don’t know how long & now I have an ultimatum.
Either I stay or I go. If I go she says don’t bother coming home afterwards. I really feel it’s unfair that she’s given me this ultimatum considering I did bring her to Spain last year on an amazing trip and she’s taken trips without me. What should I do? 


Wow, talk about rock and a hard place. I really dislike when there are ultimatums like that given. Usually means one foot is already out the door. There will always be another trip to take, but how would you feel if something happened while you were away? Maybe talk to your employer and see if the dates can be moved so you can take the trip another time and maybe together. What would you do in this situation? Comment on our FB page! ~Cruise


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