Cruise’s Confessional: Is This Roommate Asking For Too Much

I’ve had a few roommates in my time. Some great, other’s not so much. Maybe, I was the bad roommate and didn’t even realize it at some point. The fact of the matter is that living with someone is never easy. Especially if a friendship hangs in the balance. Do you think this roommate is asking for too much?

Been living with my best friend/roommate for the past 8 months now and we’ve pretty much split everything down the middle.

That includes him using my car to go see family, do stuff etc. We split the gas 50/50.

He’s a responsible driver and a really cool dude but I am incredibly hesitant about putting him on my car insurance. Even when he broached the subject with me about him just wanting to be safer and at ease while driving my car I still am hesitant.

I don’t mind sharing pretty much everything with him but I am protective of my car and a part of me fears that if I put him on the insurance, I might lose the privilege of seeing my car as mine and not his. He has a bad habitĀ of assuming ownership of things. Small stuff I can handle but my car…..

Is it irresponsible of me to have him drive my car and not put him on the insurance?


Personally, I wouldn’t. This could put a strain on the friendship and maybe even bring it to an end. As responsible as he may be, how do you decide who gets the car when after he’s assumed some ownership of it? Flip a coin? Then you’re riding the bus, he’s in your car and you’re miserable for letting it all happen. I mean, it’s a small what if, but if you value the friendship, you need boundaries.

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