Cruise’s Confessional: Is One Sister Overreacting?

My sister gave her boyfriend a house key without consulting the rest of the family. Is this okay or am I in the right to say something?

For more context, it is my sister and I who live together and my aunt and teenage┬ácousin who are living with us for the next few years. Among other issues I’ve been having with my sister letting her boyfriend come over and stay the night as if he lives here (she did not discuss this with me prior), she also gave him a house key to come and go as he pleases. Even if we were just roommates, I don’t feel its right to give someone free access to your home without letting the others who live there a heads up. Her boyfriend doesn’t cause any problems and doesn’t hang around outside my sister’s room, but she just does her own thing without letting us know. Out of respect and courtesy to the other people in the home it doesn’t feel right.

Am I in the right to bring this up with my sister? I would suggest that if he has a key to our house he should also be paying rent (he lives with his parents anyway). I’m also worried it makes my aunt and cousin feel uncomfortable but my aunt told me she isn’t that bothered by it as she’s in her room most of the day.

Or am I getting upset over nothing? Our home is technically owned by our father and we pay him rent. He isn’t fully aware of the extent of my sister’s relationship and doesn’t know her boyfriend has been coming over and spending the night almost every day. If I said anything to him, he might get angry with her. He’s a traditional overprotective dad and he’s not fond of having boys over. I’m open and honest with my dad so I’m tired of covering for my sister especially when it comes to things that upset me.

How should I go about handling this?


Personally, I think your sister should’ve talked to you, explaining why she wanted to give her boyfriend a key. You have every right to be upset. What she did was very inconsiderate. Talk to her and explain your feelings on the matter. I think it’s as simple as just having open communication.




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